What you should know if you use mauritius-rent-car.com

  1. Reservation and payment

-Client should place the reservation by email or phone call. Then the confirmation mail will be send. Payment should be done by the bank transfer, credit card or cash.

  1. Deposit

-Deposit is collected from the client after the car is presented and it is given back in the end of the rental service. Deposit works like a security for a firm in case of: returning car in bad or destroyed condition.

  1. Unlimited distance

-For the price offered by the company, client does not have any limits in the distance he/she would like to drive.

  1. Personalized car delivery

-customer has the possibility to specify the address to which the rented car will be delivered. Returning the car works on same principal. This type of service is additionally charged (15 EUR) This amount includes delivery and pick up.

  1. Driving licence

-Driver must be above 21 years old and have 1 year of experience.

  1. Pick up of the car

-The car will be delivered with full fuel tank. It must also be refilled by the client in the end of the use. The diver should be sure what type of fuel (diesel/petrol) is used in a rented car. Before the car is given to the client, both company’s representant and client check the car in case of any problems. 

  1. Insurance

-Full insurance is included in the cost of the car. It covers all situations (accidents) except those caused by alcohol consumption and abuse of rules.